Organization Structure

NDC organization structure is made up of the Board of Directors and a management team (under Managing Director) and for the functions and their associated activities are carried out in directories and units. Some activities are carried out in staff units in the Managing Director’s Office. The Organization structure features four directorates, three of which carry out the core functions of the Corporation and the fourth provides corporate or support services

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Board of Directors

  1. Dr. Samuel M. Nyantahe – Chairperson
  2. Gerson Mdemu – Member
  3. Eng. Happiness Mgalula – Member
  4. Eng. Peter Chisawilo – Member
  5. Anuciata Njombe – Member
  6. Geoffrey Kirenga – Member
  7. Eng. Ally Samaje – Member
  8. Prof. Damian Gabagambi – Managing Director

1. Prof. Damian Gabagambi – Managing Director
2. Mr. Ramson Mwilangali – Director of Heavy Industries
3. Mr. Francis Alfred – Ag. Director of Strategic Value Addition
4. Miss. Rhobi Sattima – Ag. Director of Finance
6. Dr. Godwill Wanga- Director of Research and Planning
7. Mr. Silas Limo – Chief Internal Auditor
8. Mr. John Nchimbi – Human Resources & Administrative Manager
9. Mr. Said Tunda – Investment Manager
10. Mr. Eric Kaswaka – Head Procurement Unit
11. Mr. Elikunda Kanza- Chief Operation Geologist
12. Mr. Abel A. Ngapemba – Corporate Affairs Manager