Agro Industries

Integrated Oil Palm Project
NDC is developing an integrated oil palm project in Ruvu river basin in Coast Region in Tanzania, comprising of Oil palm farming on a 10,000ha of land and production of palm oil at Kimala Misale and Dutumi villages in Kisarawe and Kibaha district respectively in the Coast region. The oil palm has been chosen as it is ideal for commercial agriculture thus supporting “Kilimo Kwanza” campaigns.
The project will produce 7,250 litres/ha/year of palm oil and about 10MW of electricity from biomass of oil palm which will be used in operating the project and the remaining will be sold to the National Grid. NDC will implement this project in partnership with the private sector and incorporate the out growers in a form of contract farming
Ready markets for Palm oil are in Europe and Asia for food preparation and confectionery manufacturing industries. NDC is currently negotiating with Naval Bharat Ventures Ltd of India to form a joint venture company to start oil palm plantation and processing industry in the area.

Rubber plantations
In 1970’s the government initiated two rubber plantations located at Kalunga and Kihuhwi in Kilombero and Muheza Districts respectively as source of source materials for its tyre manufacturing plant in Arusha namely General Tyre Ltd. The government has transferred the two rubber plantations to National Development Corporation for redevelopment of the plantations in partnership with the private sector.

The Kalunga farm in Kilombero covers an area of 750 hectares, of which 312 are planted with various species of rubber way back in late 1970s. Likewise, the area of Kihuhwi farm in Muheza is 790 hectares of, which 192 hectares are planted with the same species of rubber as that of Kalunga.

NDC intends to invite interested investors for planting new rubber trees on the unplanted land of about 1,000 hectares, expand the acreage of the farms and opening up of new plantations in the Country. The corporation endeavours to incorporate small holders in rubber growing for generation of sustainable income to the community surrounding the plantations. In addition, the Corporation is intends to collaborate with interested investors in setting up of rubber processing plants in the country with the ultimate goal of implementing the value chain development strategy for the rubber industry in Tanzania.