Ngaka coal quality ‘meets international standards’

COAL extracted from Ngaka Mine has met international standards thus, overcoming the challenges from cement manufacturers who have been complaining that locally produced coals are below standards Tancoal Quality Control and Assurance Manager, Mr Bosco Mabena said here yesterday that the Ngaka Coal has the highest calorific value of 6,500 with low ash content of […]

Ngaka coal mine meets suppliers’ demands

THE government’s ban on importation of coal for cement manufacturing has paid off as a giant producer of coal products in the country, TANCOAL, has implemented such directive within four months by over 100 per cent . The company Chief Executive Officer, Mr James Shedd, said here on Friday that they had managed at their […]

KMTC eyes 1.5bn/- to restore glory

THE famed Kilimanjaro Machine Tools Manufacturing Company, (KMTC) is in the final stages of sealing a 1.5bn/- investment deal with social security funds, as running capital for an ambitious two-phased project focused on spare parts production and capital equipment. Seven social security funds are registered by the Social Security Regulatory Authority. A highly optimistic KMTC […]

New device touted as anti-malaria weapon

THE government has been advised to supplement district and municipal council budgets, to enable them buy biolarvacides, the latest and effective to deal with malaria– before it occurs. The Tanzania Biotech Products Ltd Acting General Manager, Mr Samuel Mziray, said here yesterday that the government could save a lot of money currently spent on battling […]


WAZIRI Mkuu Mhe Kassim Mjaliwa amemtaka waziri wa Viwanda, Biashara na Uwekezaji Mhe Charles Mwaijage kuwekeza nguvu zote katika utekelezaji wa miradi ya umeme wa makaa ya mawe ya Mcguchuma na Chuma cha Liganga ili kuimarisha miundo mbinu chochezi kwa uwekezaji wa viwanda nchini. Wito huu umebainishwa wakati waziri Mwijage alipokuwa akiongea na waandishi wa […]

Big boost for war against malaria

Published on Friday, 03 July 2015 03:45 Written by ROSE ATHUMANI A BIOLARVICIDES plant, the first of its kind in Africa, was launched here amid hopes that the country was on the right track towards winning the war against the deadly malaria. President Jakaya Kikwete and visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn inaugurated the plant […]

General Tyre set for bright future

General Tyre set for bright future Published on Saturday, 22 August 2015 02:54 Written by BILHAM KIMATI THE government has acquired 100 per cent shares in the Arusha-based General Tyre East Africa (GTEA) with the aim of reviving commercial production of the factory, as part of national plans to guarantee development of industries. Speaking at […]