Ngaka coal quality ‘meets international standards’

COAL extracted from Ngaka Mine has met international standards thus, overcoming the challenges from cement manufacturers who have been complaining that locally produced coals are below standards

Tancoal Quality Control and Assurance Manager, Mr Bosco Mabena said here yesterday that the Ngaka Coal has the highest calorific value of 6,500 with low ash content of 13 to 19 per cent.

“Ngaka coal has the highest quality of 6,500 to 6,800 calorific value that meet the international standards, which is pure and has no coal shells, unlike many in other areas,” said Mr Mabena.

Due to its high quality, Ngaka Coal Mine, under Tancoal Energy Ltd a joint venture between National Development Corporation (NDC) and Australian based Intra Energy, is serving more than 20 companies both local and international.

Mr Mabena said they are in the final stages to attain the standard mark from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) . “Apart from local companies we are serving customers in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, and with the increased capacity, we intend to get more market as we believe, we have the quality coal,” said Mr Mabena.

Earlier speaking during the event, Tancoal Chief Executive Officer, Mr James Shedd said they strive for the highest quality of coal as they maintain the needed moisture.

However, he said, they are working closely with the Ruvuma regional authorities to see how best they can deal with poor infrastructure challenges from the coal mine to Kitai dry port sale point where the cement truck queue for loading.

With increased production from 50,000 up to 80,000 tonnes a month they have to make sure that they have all the needed capacities to serve their customers to satisfaction.