URSUS Tractor Assembly Project

National Development (NDC), on behalf of the Government of Tanzania is implementing Tractor Assembly project at TAMCO Industrial Estate, Kibaha District, Coast Region. The project is based on signed Agreement between the United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Poland on a Tied Aid Credit and a Contract for Supply of Tractors, Implements, Spare Parts and Related Services signed between NDC and URSUS S.A of Poland who is the supplier of the Tractors and farm implements. Under the Supply Contract, URSUS S.A will supply of 2,400 tractors, 1,300 ploughs, 1,100 harrows, tractor spares parts and technical expertise.

The overall objective of the URSUS Tractor Assembly Project is to mechanize/modernize agriculture in Tanzania and improve agriculture production for both domestic consumption and industrial feedstock. The specific objective of the project is to set up a Tractor Assembly Plant in Tanzania for assembling and selling of tractors and farm implements to farmers in Tanzania.

Establishment of Tractor Assembly Plant
Construction works for the Tractor Assembly Plant at a new designated site at TAMCO-Kibaha is in progress. To start with, the tractor assembly activities are being carried out at the existing TAMCO buildings which were formerly used for assembling SCANIA trucks. The construction works are expected to be completed by August 2018. The foundation stone was laid down on 21st June 2017 by H.E. Dr. John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Assembling of Tractors and Farm Implements
So far, 770 Tractors out of 2,400 have been imported from Poland. Out of the 770 imported Tractors, 420 have been assembled. A total of 813 ploughs out of 1,300 have been imported and 140 assembled while 941 harrows out of 1,100 have been imported and 225 assembled. The assembly works are being conducted by Tanzanians staff under the supervision of URSUS S.A of Republic of Poland who is the manufacturer and supplier of URSUS Tractors. Later on the assembly works will be done by Tanzanians.

Establishment of Eight (8) Service Centres
Eight (8) service centers will be established across the country to provide technical services to the farmers who will buy the tractors. Initial identification of the sites for establishment of the service centres have been completed and recommended locations are being analyzed. To start with, NDC will procure mobile vehicles which will provide technical services to customers on call basis. While preparations for establishment of physical centres, NDC intends to use existing owned by TEMESA/DAICO facilities.

Currently, NDC is assembling six (6) Models of Tractors as detailed below:

NDC will later on assemble other models depending on market demand, including farm implements.
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