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Engaruka Basin Soda Ash Project

The project is located at Engaruka Basin, Monduli District, Arusha Region about 160 km North East of Arusha Town. It will involve setting up of a Soda Ash Extraction Plant with the capacity of at least 1,000,000 Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA). The project will involve pumping of sodium carbonate solution (brine) from aquifers (underground brine reserves) to the extraction plant for producing soda ash. Soda ash is extensively used for manufacturing of glasses, fertilizers, dyes and colouring agents, petroleum refineries, metallurgical (iron and steel) industries, soap & detergent industries, power stations to capture harmful plant emissions, pulp and paper industries, water treatment, etc. Drilling explorations conducted at Engaruka have established presence of 4.68 billion cubic metres of brine, which co-exists with solid salt crust amounting to 9.36 billion cubic metres. The brine samples has been tested and the results show that Engaruka brine is suitable for soda ash production. Project land has been demarcated. Monduli District Council has agreed to offer 27,000 hectares. Field works for land survey and valuation of properties of Project Affected People (PAP) in order to compensate and re-locate them have been completed and preparation of Survey and Valuation Reports is being finalised.


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