In a promising development for the Tanzanian business landscape, representatives from Orbit Security paid a courtesy call to Dr. Nicolaus Shombe, Managing Director of the National Development Corporation (NDC). The meeting, held at the NDC headquarters in Dar es Salaam, was characterized by a spirited discussion on various opportunities, including the possibility of the Kilimanjaro Machine Tools Company (KMTC) joining the stock exchange market.

Dr. Shombe warmly welcomed the delegation from Orbit Security as he emphasized that the government, through NDC, is dedicated to promoting investments and partnerships that drive innovation, create jobs, and boost the Tanzanian economy. Dr. Shombe acknowledged the strategic importance of KMTC in Tanzania’s industrial sector and noted that taking it to the stock exchange market would not only raise funds but also increase transparency and corporate governance.

“We are open to exploring this opportunity and believe it could be a win-win for KMTC, investors, and the Tanzanian economy.” He stated.

On the other side, Orbit Security expressed their eagerness to explore mutually beneficial partnerships and investments in Tanzania’s evolving business ecosystem. Their delegation, led by CEO Godfrey Gabriel, highlighted the company’s commitment to contributing to the nation’s economic growth and development.

The highlight of the meeting was the discussion surrounding KMTC, NDC-owned subsidiary company specializing in the production of machines and industrial spare parts. The possibility of taking KMTC public through the stock exchange market was a focal point of discussion. Such a move could potentially provide an injection of capital for KMTC’s expansion plans and offer investment opportunities to the public.

Both parties agreed to further discussions and feasibility studies to determine the viability of KMTC’s inclusion in the stock exchange market.

As the discussions concluded on a positive note, Godfrey Gabriel, CEO of Orbit Securities, expressed optimism about the future of their partnership with NDC.

Today’s meeting marks the beginning of a promising collaboration that aligns with Tanzania’s vision for economic prosperity. Through NDC, we look forward to working together to unlock the tremendous potential that this country has to offer.” He explained.

The meeting between Orbit Security and NDC signifies a step forward in Tanzania’s efforts to attract investment, promote economic growth, and create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. It underscores the country’s commitment to harnessing its resources and expertise to drive sustainable development.

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